Thursday, February 17, 2005

Insomnia... d'Oh!!

I've just been talking (well, IM'ing) to Mick Stanic on Skype for a while - while slowly drifting into brain-blur... now I can't seem to get to sleep (too many ideas racing around inside me bonce)... so I guess I'll blog a bit while my Warm Milk (not TM, AFAIK - yet!) heats up in the microwave.

Quite a few ideas circulating around kicking some life into the Aussie Blogging Conference 2005 - which for the moment is deferred... so kicking a few suggestions around with Mick.

Suggested he get in touch with some NZ people - some of whom would like to be thought of as Visionaries (or in my case, Renaissance Man :) ) - perhaps a little Trans-Tasman Rivalry might spur some more-eager Aussie sponsorship (Don't mention the *Cricket* - I did once, but I think I got away with it...).

Random thought: The problem with being a Silly Bastard is that if you keep doing it and hang around awhile, you become a Silly Old Bastard...

The thought was partly prompted by looking again at my Fresh Petzolds picture below :)

It's time for some change - and hopefully this blog will become the story of a Silly Bastard who becomes somewhat less Silly and hopefully defers the effect of Old for a while longer...
... my main problems at present being high cholesterol and bad sleep habits - both likely heavily contributed to by a lack of exercise (mousing doesn't count)...

I've started (again) on a regime of walking - aiming at 10,000 steps per day, 5 days per week.
Haven't hit that yet - as witness the new pedometer I bought Sunday and clipped to my belt. First coupla days have averaged about 9000 steps each, not too bad... but I ended up with a left foot that felt broken yesterday morning - d'Oh!!

Resting it seems to have helped - last night and tonight. I should probably feel guilty :) - but I dont think that's a good motivator.

I walked maybe 8km around local streets Monday night - listening to the G'Day World Podcast. It sure makes exercising hugely less tedious and boring.

A few ideas involving Radio and Podcasting (but not in obvious ways) whizzing about in the Brain Department. Hmmmm...

The AnzacPad is hatched... watch this space!

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