Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Look ma - no pills!

Well, I have wound the Prozac (equivalent) right down to nothing ... finished the process in late Feb / Early March.
I feel livelier much of the time... also angrier and sadder at times.
This is pretty much as expected, as SSRI's tend to level your mood ... not so low, but unfortunately not so high either.
And I think my short term memory is improved... can't give specific examples (I forgot ;-) ) but that is my general impression.
Now the thing is to make sure I look after myself in sensible ways:
More exercise (important as I tend to be in sedentary mode for work)
More sleep and less pushing through tiredness
More sunlight ... by regularising my hours (as per prev point) and getting outside for some nice UV/Vitamin D uptake.
Don't let me forget! :)

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