Sunday, May 1, 2005

This Blog Needs Photos!

Hmmm... again I realize this blog needs a bit of visual livening-up...

My digital camera is pretty crap (whaddaya expect for ~$US100 a coupla years ago :) )... and I think I've probably fried the CCD (light-sensitive chip wot takes da pickies) due to sun exposure - it has no Iris or shutter :( ... I'd like to get a better one but can't really afford it just now - so whatever appears here will necessarily be somewhat ... er ... 'artistic' :)

I'll start soon with some (pre-existing) photos from my cousin's wedding, methinks.

Once I set things up here properly I'll likely start to do some Audio-Visual stuff and maybe some regular 'driving-around-Auckland' Podcasting ... fer all'a'youse Furriners out there :)


Rob Barac said...


Were you going to post the photos on your server or use a free service like flickr?

I'm using it now and they have a couple of spiffy little [html] widgets so you can include the photos on your site.

Have a look at what I did with my site on the homepage.

BTW, It's nice to be recognised as being first in something.


haroldlg04gjlando said...
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