Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Biennial Update?

Dang, I have been busy....
I thought it was about time I updated ze blog...
I've been working with QuickCircuit Limited ( in Albany, Auckland since about March 2005.... doing Linux on PXA255 platform (Intel XScale).

We're doing pretty well, I think... so far we have for our platform(s):
LCD display
Ethernet of several flavours
Serial ports
LED's (W00t!)
And now USB on the way.

Some hardware has been done in FPGA's and/or CPLD's using VHDL (and some 3rd-party Verilog).

Altogether, enjoying it... thought very tiring and stressful sometimes - usual for this kind of work though, really...

Great bunch of people to work with; my direct boss Mario is superb - no BS whatsoever, entirely reasonable, extremely smart and has become a good friend to boot :)

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