Saturday, July 16, 2011

Social Productivity

Web company on K Road - making a social productivity app
social Productivity
social + productivity the perfect app
human traits - one size doesn't fit all
suite of tools - with flexibility
what does it mean ? prob nothing
does it make sense? not really )
is it just a buzzword? probably

witrh harry ferguson @nzharry
and Jess(ica) Desmond @fromaquasar

really believe will do better next time
tomorrow i will....
crime and punishment / Ulysses - siberia / morocco
task threshold - how to get motivated
motivation is about the 1st 100 pages of the book
techniques - just 5 mins
e.g. tidy house for 5 mins
tend to continue once momentum starts

energizer bunny - inferior feeling :)
someone to prevent you from telling little lies to self
fear of failure
(effect on mood?)
contrary research re. sharing publically vs actually doing it?
[ask them about it]

personal / work time split
move toward integration

case studies
Facebook - workspace as well as personal lives
didn't happen! FAIL
some aspects too open for enterprise uptake
Moscovitz - peeled off another company - Asana

piles of cash

differences in how people react
overwhelm - too much info demands
Lumen - inhouse (dogfood) - beta soon?

Facebook / Asana alliance?

bundles projects binders
contextual communication
task-based discussions
online todo list
all in framework of list
privacy settings
communicate re what i am working on and whats happening in life
[is there an assumption / templates re. hierarchy of groupps etc.? - else there is large setup burden

picked busiest area for applications
email / task mgmt fully converged?
e.g. Google+ / gmail / task / calendar
starting small
around the individual
lots of existing apps from ppl who worked in teams
James and John engineers
Harry and Jess guinea pigs
[?need more guinea pigs?]

john - support to help stop procrastinating - platform on top of S/W
support network ,accountability
not trying to write another Tony Robbins self-help guru book :)
not hardwiring in particular way of doing things
GTD / other methodologies can be used with it

Jive - collab comms
mostly visible-everything model?

August beta?
individual with mentor support
[will limited scope limit its success?]
All tasks into the aplication - not on paper
the bucket a la GTD
grouping works well
not tagging or categorization
tasks can be on multiple lists
day list
rollover to next day
inbox zero
mentor can view state of the world for individual
take time out to update system before doing anything else

Google Wave - fave product ever (James?)
too complex?
designed email as if it was new thing
alt: integrate existing - lean - 37signals BaseCamp model
product attachment theory (invented and discovered had already existed)
alt: start with list and expand from there
not oversimplisctic
no barriers
not overwhelm

what's in it for mentor?
personal life? Mum might be interested
people like to be in a respected position
find right person
some not interested ; some obsessive - will help with everything and overwhelm
project / subject-specific
passionate people as mentors


procrastination in a positive way
unstructured / not burdensome
can check up in a break from work

life coaches / biz coaches

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