Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sponno Mac apps

Payment Charles
bugs etc... real Apple guys - no contact with cust unless bad bugs
document - based app ? MDI equiv
incognito wraparound safari - doc based
winmail extractor - one window (not doc-based)
equiv dialog-based in Windoze lingo?
clockLock app - what does it do? :)
where do u start?
differnet paradigm for iPhone devt
.nib files
visual prototype - menu and window
app delegate AppDelegate
new file
obj C class
locker.h header
class lock app delegate
button drop
butler symbol
create control
obj on left
make instance of class locker
wire action to button?
1-2k on winmailextractor
exchange attachment windat files blacch
=> made winmail dat viewer
not greatly lucrative yet on Mac - may improve?
vs. iPhone
incognito made $100 ?
kioskMonster $5-600
long tail - 3 years without update sorry :)
can have multiple windows etc - cf. iPhone stuck to one i/f
stickies for presentation :)
fullscreen lockin Kiosk app Kioskmonster
mirror with wget
flash, js not so well for spidering
-free mirroring etc
rewrites link refs internal
htttrack writing to some files it shoudn't
beware 64-bit apps - old Mac intel solo 32-bit - won't work
LIPO - 64 and 32-bit packaged together
icns file
icon composer in XCode
make mult sizes
github sponno - photo file conv to multiple sizes
FS -interesting
stuck to few places to save files
test on Guest account - permissions-minimal test
binaries include
what is an ap pon the mac? - directory in a zipfile
can pull other ppls apps apart easily
(how is it deployed though?)
bundles ~=
potentially difficult to profit
no kiwis making mac apps and making money
can make standalone - github etc - don't *have* to go thru App store
rush to the bottom in iOS market has reversed - up 18% yoy
lingon startup prefs
coder html5 uploader CODA $99
omnigraph in mac app store
iOS games call of duty $10 on iPhone
productivity apps are top category on iPhone
namemangler $10 on appstore
juice king color mixing - iPhone sounds crazy etc
loss-leader and cross-market
focus groups? no!
think talking to 10yo kid about what u make
how to sound cool when describing it (elevator pitch)
15 - 20 yo - exciting?
check apps store
TNEF binary free winmail files
winzip extractor is one of top apps (iPhone?)
time looking what is hot
create 5 more apps the same
don't spam
- but can put up different flavours
spot holes to fill?
google search for apps?
rolling heads
coins down platforms
#1 in games?
top 50 in global charts?
did the idea stick?
sucky design - redo redesign similar concept
ppl to build apps for you
online jobs
odesk (big)
10 pl quoting
$0.50 ph
incredible CV is cheap on ODesk too
can rip off ideas - unprotected
can't do rush jobs - local advantage
risky - no trust
amazing code from ODesk - Zen :)
go, make Mac apps - free coffee for life! :)

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