Thursday, December 30, 2004

Hello, Blogosphere!

Hi there - this is my first post on the RoggaBlog. Not much else to say initially...

Things fresh in my mind from before and through Christmas:

Podcasting - how kewl is this?!! - See for a good starting point - while I figure out how to do links and such in the blogger tool.

Tsunami around the Indian Ocean on 20041226 - yow! Absolutely mind-boggling.... pray for the victims and survivors - and send money through an appropriate charity - this is *urgent*.

Money - I gotta get some soon - I'm on the lookout for decent work - probably as a developer (C, C++, Java or perhaps C#/.NET - though I have some proficiency in several other languages (English, even... that's debatable I guess).

OK, I'll post this as-is and see how it looks.