Friday, March 5, 2010

Engineering TV

some really neat stuff on here.

Sapwood FEA analysis for wood and nails

From Colorado State U.
Cartman need not apply...

Earthquake-resistant wooden buildings up to 6 stories?

Caveat: The audio volume for the speech portions of this video is waaayy too low... I had my laptop on the verge of feedback listening to it... if you turn up the speech, WARNING! the ads will be VERY LOUD!

Nanophotonics and slow light CMOS devices

Freescale ARM Cortex A8 netbooks and ref design

TeachDesign: Making Ideas Real

(at Good)

Rock Printer

The Third Place

Cupcake CNC MakerBot

Open Source -- grab the files and make one :)

JavaScript Motion Detection

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Could This be the Answer? - 1Password

If so, I think I forgot the question...

...along with my password (again ... :( )

The problem with using multiple machines and/or browsers, like I do, is that if you once forget one of your many (different, right? ;-) ) passwords for online services, you start to chase your tail trying to re-synchronize the remembered passwords in the browser cookies and/or other magic.

The Ten best talks from TED 2010

Roger Ebert story


The story continues at Roger's own blog

ISO50 blog -- Inspirational and/or distracting?

Text and music...

Peter Jackson and James Cameron at Comic-con

Wide-ranging and amusing Q-and-A session - entertaining!


Vision + Focus + Followthrough == Achievement

Thanks Mauray!

Not sure where this aphorism comes from originally.

South African Immigrant's Take on NZ and Auckland (so far);wap2

Wonder how things are going now especially on the jobs / work permits front?

Grinding Gear Games

A few folk from this Titirangi company were @ the Auckland Game Developers' Meetup last night (which I thoroughly enjoyed :) )

Overcoming Creative Block

How does this apply to System Architecture, Coding, and grokking other people's code and design?

Read One Book a Week...

It's a hobby, not a chore :)

Swilling Squirrel?

seen in
Biker Life

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

David Allen and Kelly on Collect

Note2Self for iPhone

Podcast on Collect

David Allen Podcast on 'Organized'

How to physically and electronically organize - Kelly, David and Robert share their personal setups

Mentions Evernote and Dropbox and cloud services for keeping organized and synchronized (WebDAV?)

Other podcasts linked from here too

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mmmmm.... TreeeVollltsss....

RetroFORTH minimal FORTH Ngaro VM

FreeFORTH Christophe Lavarenne

Twitter Programmingfeed

Rocky 24 anyone?

Larabee as FUD? - Meh...

Why GIT is just Better...

Jeff Vroom on why it's Gotta Be GIT:

The Vending Machine of wonder

Veeerry cool idea!

Let's make one (at least)

Metrix Create Space

I really want to start something like this.

Suggestions welcome!


Steampunk Nixie Clock for 3D printing

Nice :)

Wow! MakerBot is a chic-magnet!! :) Watch and learn!

Watch the movie on YouTube

And see for more details