Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Nice Day Out

Hello Bloggary....

Had a nice day out today (4th of January 2005 - public holiday in lieu of 2nd of January, which fell on a Sunday this year)... my family (minus elder girl who stayed home watching various drivel on TV) went to One Tree Hill Domain (about 12 miles or so south of home, other side of Auckland city). Had a picnic lunch with friends from Parnell, then climbed to the top of the hill (volcanic cone about 500 ft (160m?) above sea level). I was a bit breathless and tight-chested at times - I definitely need more regular exercise... my intention is to let podcasts and MP3 player alleviate the [potential] boredom of many future long walks.

There's an excellent view from the top - especially on a fine day like today - you can see a large part of Auckland city and suburbs. Dunno why I didn't think to take a photo up there - I did have the el-cheapo digi-cam with me. Tried my son out on local geography, pointing out various hills, the Sky Tower and such things - he has at least some idea of where things are now - if he'll let himself try (I think he's too scared of being wrong :( ).

Walked down the road back to the observatory area where we had lunch, beating the others (who took a grassy short-cut thru one of the breached craters) back by about 8 minutes. It's a lot easier walking down the hill :)

We then all went to a small park at the north end of Parnell, for a picnic tea (dinner/evening meal)... in our case via Subway to get some yummy, healthy sandwiches. Ate, played volleyball and stuff until it got dark... then back to our friends' place for tea (cuppa), then home about 10:30 pm.

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