Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wellywood Full Code Press


NZ vs. Australia originally

charity website

Organizers picked dream team

Matt Buchanan
@sneak, @matthewbuchanan, @mandamonium

Web site design in 48 hours for charity who never met before

CodeBlacks mailing list

Amanda Project Manager

Lulu ???

Avoid coffee(!) -- V @ 2am => interesting results :)
[video for this]
Network issues - don't assume 24/7 availability of internet etc.
Server issues

Communal meals and mixing

Friday night setup
9:30 - 10am in Town Hall
11am meet client
Te Hua Rangitane Trust was CodeBlacks charity
@risk youth etc.

Parents perspective
Processes - how are kids looked after in the programs?
Client present for all but ~4 hours
clarification on the spot - invaluable
SilverStripe as CMS?

Low stress - calmest of all teams
vs. "expletives/blaspheming" from other teams

Organizing team fantastic - Natasha? (here)
Lots of volunteers
Facebook site hooked in
Used GIT as SCCS/versioning
traditionally used SVN
Don't use unfamiliar technology in a competition situation

Can specify environment for server and ongoing sponsored hosting

Videos, photographs etc.
Judges around a bit - could talk to them'

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