Monday, May 2, 2011

Upstart Natty Narwhal Ubuntu 11.04 power fail b0rk...

Crash (power fail) partway through upgrade from Ubuntu 10.10 to Mythbuntu 11.04...

Re-ran the upgrade again from the Mythbuntu 11.04 CD.

Unfortunately this left upstart b0rked.

'Fake' initctl was left in place - presumably as a vestige of the (failed) upgrade.

Attempt to start mysql server failed with 'fake initctl' complaint.

Searched unsuccessfully for fix in Ubuntu forums.

Seems to be fixed now with:

#apt-get install upstart --reinstall

#/etc/init.d/mysql start

seems to work OK.


Bryan R said...

Same happened to me ... upgrade interrupted led to this silent [fail] of the initctl system. First I've seen of this reinstall fix, though. Thanks a mil!

Roger said...

Hi Bryan,
thanks - glad I could help someone :)