Saturday, July 17, 2010

Automating CMS installations - Liz Quilty

sparks? Sam - Drupal CMS ?

Trouble with projector...

CMS from the commandline

@RHLiz @Velofile

Wordpress installation automatically

Fast - ~2 seconds
Less confusion for cust
Less human interaction

Magento Silverstripe Joomla Drupal OS Commerce ....

bash curl - as little as poss that is not default

Path URL Admin Email
DB user pass database root user

chk vars set
set any iunset vars
determine distro, set up vars accordingly
check everything installed and enabled
setup databases if not already set up

install -- download files
unpack chown/chmod - Install via curl or other

wget -c

Drupal / Drush relies on PHP5.2
Silverstripe - Sake
Magento - broken simpleXML - php5.2 only
Joomla - Javascript only
Wordpress - easy

redhat /debian checks
php version det
clean url's - mod rewrite enabled

VPS $30 per month - can put 100 sites on it
vs. say $10 per site


CFEngine Puppet Chef ...

CentOS, Ubuntu


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