Saturday, July 17, 2010

Social Good / TechFu ... Rob Inskeep @ BCAK4

Web Search
Alts to Google
Teachers don't have time or B/W to learn new stuff all the time
Friday night sessions after school with cups of tea or something stronger :)

Water neuron with drinking straws (!)
Fabiana from University
brain study
Tilt / holes in straws etc.
happens in real brain - pathways degrade, neurons break and die...
discussion in class after playing with the neurons outside in the sun (water play)
Teachers can't be expected to know everything anymore
Kids need to learn how to learn and to teach each other also
KiwiFoo Robert??? - Peter Hall ? teacher
- whose focus is figuring out ways to get kids to cooperate (vs. individual and performance-oriented system) Bernard Hickey (doom and gloom?)
economic principles in the classroom - mutual currency system in class
exchange of values
5 minute units of time
accrue, spend
excited email - kid approach could she spend / give it away to some other student who needed it more
saving / value / charity etc.
use/lose - decaying value over time
alternative to interest
demurrage - e.g. grain etc deteriorating over time
Honesty, transparency, respect as basis of the classroom
?response to Friday night sessions - initial nervousness - not knowing what to expect
tips - how to convince? parent! - automatic entry :)
(this would work with Rangi for this year for me)
e.g. robotics Mindstorms
Peter Hall believes CS should be in core school syllabus

Computer Science Unplugged (book, Canterbury University)
Dance routine by logic

leading ego - teacher feels they need to know it all and teach it

Take time to show teachers things and explain, answer questions
e.g. didn't know computer was internet-capable
Cool tips etc. sites

Throw straw men
show up
stacking books on lib shelves coz nobody shows up

10pm parents coming in the next day
type up kids stories as prep

Mum works @ primary school
don't get it
start with basics
build trust

Wiki page
similar format to BarCamp
out west? Sumerfield?

Tauranga art gallery
Wiki - kids - interpretations
sessions on MediaWiki - only some will show interest; fewer will actually do anything.

Find time - recognize value - feel comfortable with the change it represents
Classroom blog
videos of reading the stories etc.
[privacy issues?]
other teachers see and emulate
kids doing their own thing
parents happy in general if they see immediate value
AUP addendum etc.

Moodle partner - Brenda
object-based security etc.

Sugar project - Sugar On a Stick
(Sugar CRM?)
OS and apps run from a stick
persistent and stays with the child
Sat 11am Windsor Parnell active community
testing Sugar on laptops etc.
looking @ ways of getting schools involved

IT specialist tends to be either youngest staff members or last out of Teachers' College

Google groups
MLE reference group - Managed Learning Environments
OSS -- don't want to pay MS fees anymore
some resistant - stick with MS
others embrace OSS etc. - more open to help?
Otumoetai Intermediate - principal switched on (trialling WiFi access points)

Beer @ 11am is good

Mojo MOQ is 100
cheaper than an Eee
a school (unnamed) is looking @ getting them for class sets

Ubuntu login looks just like windows - trialled on kids - didn't notice they weren't using Windoze :)

WikiEducator - q.v.

lesson plans - IP of the teacher - not collaborative traditionally
MIT OpenCourseWare
remix/mashups of lesson plans

WikiMediaCommons - AV files contributed

Tracking POV - who's contributed? who hasn't?
Reputation building via transparent means

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