Saturday, July 17, 2010


Workshop Enterprises

Starting what?

when does it stop being a startup?
High growth planning from the start
Ambitious targets ?

Icehouse? incubator

Matched Funding

Singapore Incubators

Icdhouse - where?


YC model (Y Conbinator)

Rob (Rod) Jury? Xero

37Signals launnch and go hard

Xero should have gone global straight away .... $400k per month

T-shirts Despair

Hitting the ceiling -- NZ company vs global company
Networking opportunities in e.g. San Francisco much greater (?) -- only interested if they can see it 'in their backyard'

Face to face feedback is much more valuable than phone etc.
Beta customers especially important

e.g. Museums for mytoursapp ... SF has ? 30 museums

Ease of doing business in NZ is much better
Companies take smaller companies more seriously

Is NZ our incubator?
Really good @ connecting with each other
Who gives the legup? Govt?
KEA network of Kiwis in well connected strategic places - help Kiwis get connections and helps
Steven Tyndall's initiative

1 guy $10k budget sounds lame to nonKiwis but sensible to Kiwis

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