Saturday, July 17, 2010

Barcamp MongoDB presentation Sponno

Not relational - get over it :)

list of users incl EA, GitHub and BlueSpark :)

Rich document store

Properties (== metadata?)

Schemas for mongo www.kurl.??????
schema-less -- install and dont do anything with it afterward (schema-setup-wise)


autoSharding in v.1.5 (end of this month) - alpha @ present?

Commercially supported

port localhost:28017

may lose data as there is no logging?
Mongo Repair
Durability - You had to ask ... Long long story
been slammed lately for loss of data

Upsert - update or insert


web08.db - OLD
SQL database - BaseDB

vs CouchDB -- need to do sharding yourself in CouchDB
comparisons online
couch's strength is in replication where things go offline a lot e.g. mobile

Mongo Hub GUI

backup - fsync (mongo command)
shutdown copy /data/db

if i need to do X i would use Y (NoSQL book guy quote)

FoaF Redis

Voldemort 1 billion records/day
soir / solr? full text search
text search of volatile data: Sphinx
"Facebook still uses MySQL, a lot. Wikipedia uses MySQL, a lot. FriendFeed uses MySQL, a lot. NoQSL is a great tool, but it's certainly not going to bbe your competitive edge, it's not going to make your applicationhot, and most of all, your users won't give a sh*t about any of this. ...."

call back on (successful) write?
_id returns id of inserted object

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