Saturday, March 19, 2005

Cholesterol Lowered already?

Had a blood test session Thursday morning... my GP has the results back, but I only got a brief indirect summary of them so far - it looks like the increased Statin drug regime, with the walking and *some* adjustment to my diet is paying off already. I *think* the other doctor-partner said my total cholesterol was down to 5.9 (mmol/l ? - not sure what the units are here - apparently they are different from the US ones).

I'll see properly on Tuesday arvo', when I have an appointment with my GP.

Hopefully the total triglycerides (fats!!) will be way down - here's hoping.

I would like to minimize the amount of drugs I have to load up on... from personal and national fiscal points of view, but also because I feel the long-term (side)effects of any drugs are likely to be non-beneficial... better to fix the cause(s) than just squash the symptoms...

"The Symptoms".... daaa di di di diiii di di di diii daaahhh"


I must not blog bad puns
I must not blog bad puns
I must not blog bad puns

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