Saturday, March 19, 2005

"Yes there are two paths you can go by..."

I've figured out a couple of alternative 'circuits' to walk - the short one is about 8km (5 miles) by my rough reckoning - the long one maybe 13km (8 miles)...

my son has come with me twice on the long one, IIRC.

It's amazing how much it clears the mind - alternatively, how many ideas occur to me during the journey.

I will need to learn how to use the voice note-taker on my MuVo TX... so I can capture them for later processing and hopefully implementation.

One idea I did retain without hi-tech help, was that I could use GPS and my PDA (under battery repair presently) to plot the course of the walks and measure pretty much exact distance... and a coupla other things which I ain't disclosing here :)


Rob Barac said...

Mate I highly recommend the morning walk. Even the lunch time walk if possible.

It sure as hell beats chugging down 3 ciggies and a double espresso for feeling better.

Good for you.

Rogga said...

Hi Rob, thanks for the comment - you're officially the first! :)

Yup, the ciggies bit I can well believe - but I *do* like the caffeine :)

Thanks for the encouragement!